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The annual Open House at Fantasy Farms Animal Preserve, a non-profit 501(c)3 on Roscoe Boulevard, hosted about 250 happy smiling friends on a perfect day. It was fun to watch children and adults greeting the animals and birds in the bucolic setting in Ponte Vedra Beach. Beamer, the white horse, nuzzled the visitors. Kathy of Kathy’s Creative Gardens, talked about and showed the best plants for a butterfly garden. Ramon Jiminez, Vice President of Operations, led the groups to see the antique cars in the barn and Eeyore, the donkey, brayed to the crowd. Peacocks wandered around, displaying their gorgeous tails, and the cockatoos and parrots welcomed everyone.

When the Landrum Middle School Best Buddies, under the direction of Sarah Newsome and her assistants, arrived for an outing on Friday, January 12, “the animals sensed the children,” according to Ramon, and came to greet them. Ring-tail Lemurs, goats, silkie chickens, colorful parrots and especially Beamer and his companion Angie, the miniature horse, were all preening for them. Lulu, the Umbrella cockatoo, made lots of noise and climbed up and down her cage in excitement as the children encouraged her to talk. Everyone settled in at Roscoe’s, the party house filled with toys like dolphins and a shark hanging from the ceiling, a gorilla at the entrance and antique toys inside, and filled up on pizzas for lunch.

You can become a Friend of the Farm or come to the next fundraiser to support the Preserve on Saturday, April 6, 2019.

Written and Photographed by Maggie FitzRoy

Beemer, a 20-year old white male horse, and Angie, a 6-year old miniature horse, are inseparable pals who share the same pen. The old donkey who lives in an adjacent pen, named Eeyore, has a crush on Angie. Lulu, a white cockatoo, loudly greets visitors with a cheery “I love you” when they pass by. And “Turtle,” a 125-plus pound African tortoise, follows caretaker Steve Dampier around like a puppy. Turtle is also extremely friendly with visitors, following them around too.

“He could live up to 100 years old or so, easy. Could be 40 right now,” Dampier says, guessing at Turtle’s age, because nobody knows for sure. All they know is that Turtle is a healthy and very social animal that has lived at Fantasy Farms for many years.

“You’re my turtle,” Dampier says as Turtle stands at his feet and looks up at him.

“He’s my buddy,” Dampier says with a smile. “You can pet him. He’s a good animal.”

About 120 animals live at Fantasy Farms, a 2-acre animal sanctuary tucked away off Roscoe Boulevard in Ponte Vedra Beach. It is an exotic place, home to many creatures from around the world, including lemurs, macaws, roosters, peacocks, wallabies, a genet (small animal that resembles a wild cat) and a capuchin monkey named Rocky.

For years it was a privately owned secret, open only to invited guests. Now it is a nonprofit 501-C-3 organization, open to the public for reservation tours, and as a facility that can be rented for special events, including weddings, corporate outings and parties.

Written By Meaghan Alvarado

A three-acre event venue, wildlife farm, and car museum, Fantasy Farms in Ponte Vedra Beach, is a non-profit organization that rescues and houses exotic and endangered species, as well as a few older farm animals that needed homes. This multifunctional facility recently opened its doors for private tours and events.

More than 100 exotic birds, wallabies, inquisitive lemurs, an ocelot, horses, a few wandering peacocks, and the “king” of it all — Rocky, the capuchin monkey, are all cared for onsite at Fantasy Farms. Children and adult visitors to Fantasy Farms will be in awe of the colorful atmosphere and knowledgeable caretakers.

Venue: Both the indoor and outdoor areas are lined with antiques and vintage collections of Pez dispensers, matchbox cars, cartoon figurines, and other items all curated by founder Louie Williams. Without his careful placement of items throughout the venue, the collection could easily feel overwhelming. Instead you feel like you are in a museum. Fantasy Farms would be a memorable place for a wedding reception, corporate function, or charity event. Schools can also schedule field trips for their students.

Animal lovers, or just anyone looking for something out of the ordinary will love this place! The rental fee for booking the venue and membership dollars go directly to maintaining the facility, and caring for and feeding the animals.

Fantasy Farms Wildlife Preserve, established to protect and care for wildlife, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) located in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. We are a highly regarded private wildlife preserve dedicated to increase public awareness and to educate future generations about the proper care and maintenance of our collection of domestic and exotic animals housed on the sanctuary property.

We are asking for your support to ensure the future of maintaning our very special animal preserve.

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